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Welcome to Dusthaven

My submission for the Wild West Challenge on ArtStation in the category of Environment/Level Art. I completed this level in my free time in about a month, and I had a ton of fun learning new techniques along the way! I’m responsible for all modeling, texturing, lighting and post process. The particle effects however were migrated from various Unreal Demo projects and tweaked to fit my environment.

Elijah brose wildwestshotcompilation1
Elijah brose wildwestshotcompilation2
Elijah brose wildwestshotcompilation8
Elijah brose wildwestshotcompilation3
Elijah brose wildwestshotcompilation4
Elijah brose wildwestshotcompilation5
Elijah brose wildwestshotcompilation13
Elijah brose wildwestshotcompilation6
Elijah brose wildwestshotcompilation7
Elijah brose wildwestshotcompilation12
Elijah brose wildwestshotcompilation9
Elijah brose wildwestshotcompilation10
Elijah brose wildwestshotcompilation14
Elijah brose wildwestshotcompilation15